Wednesday, April 23, 2014

[OOTD] Night Out

Dress: black dress with pleated bodice - fennywong // Shawl: vintage // 
Belt: black with gold accents - Zara // Bag: floral clutch - New Look // Heels: nude pumps - Pedro

Monday, April 21, 2014

[Travel Chic] Striding Through Peranakan Museum #2

I am back in Bandung and typing away another post of Striding Through Museums! As I have mentioned in the previous episode, I will be covering the special exhibition held in Peranakan Museum Singapore, Auspicious Designs: Batik for Peranakan Altar

As I went through the exhibition, I was astounded on how modern day fashion take so much inspirations from the past. Do you remember that Givenchy Shark Tooth necklace? 

Image taken from Net-A-Porter. It's no longer available for purchase.

A similar design has actually been done before! 

This photo below shows amulets of Peranakan people; consisting of (real) tiger claws. The upper one was usually used by children and women, they believed that it had a protective power over them. The below one was decorated with intricate metalwork to mimic a protective sea serpent in Hindu-Buddhist mythology.

For Peranakan people these are amulets, believed to have a protective power over them.

Friday, April 18, 2014

[Travel Chic] Striding Through Peranakan Museum #1

Through this short episodes of posts I will bring you strutting along the fine museums of Singapore. They are having a batik exhibition, Auspicious Design, going on in the Peranakan Museum 11 April 2014 to 28 December 2014. Knowing my love of batik, I knew I HAD to check it out!

Textile art is still connected with the world of fashion, and certainly the newest trends in the business are often taken from past history. As mentioned in my previous post, I frequent the museum because they give me tremendous inspirations!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

[OOTD, Thoughts] Bright Clouds

Dress: mega mendung (cloudy clouds) patterned batik dress - fennywong // 
Outerwear: Cotton batik overgarment - Danar Hadi //  Sandals: nude wedges - Charles and Keith

Do you appreciate the small things around you? 

I have almost forgotten how to find the beauty in minute details until I visit Singapore again these past few days.

As some of you guys may have already known, I spent three years back studying in Singapore. The first time I came to this island, one of my friend was quitting the place. She confessed to me that the place was "too small and too boring" for her. She couldn't take it, and went to another country instead. She said she could do road trips and a bunch of other stuffs there that you couldn't do in Singapore because its limited size.

Well, hearing that, I was feeling kind of down. Will my days become boring too? I went ahead and enjoy the independence and solitude I was blessed with when I was in Singapore. After three years passed I have to say that I disagree with that friend of mine! I love this island so much that it pains me every time I need to fly back home.

The road in front of my old place. Lush with greens!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

[OOTD] Modern Heritage

Dress: custom-made batik - fennywong // Coat: cotton polkadot oversized style - vintage find // 
Sandals: wooden platform sandals - Charles and Keith

For unknown reason I have always loved batik. Around my secondary school years, this fabric was still considered as traditional and old-fashioned. I didn't care what others think, and went ahead to buy some. As a result from my old obsession to batik, now I have an array of batik dresses hanging in my closet. 

They are not in top quality condition, considering I made it before I went to fashion school. Nevertheless it still fits fine, so I wear it out often. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

[Feast in Style] Dutch-Indies Cuisine - Indischetafel

A beautiful vintage centrepiece of the restaurant.

The trend of thematic restaurant has been growing fast in Bandung. This one, Indischetafel, was actually one of the pioneers. It has been around since I was in uniform, probably 5 years ago. I remember I was celebrating my farewell party before I went to college in Singapore here.

The view inside the restaurant main area.

The restaurant has taken the theme of retro Dutch-Indies style. It was really interesting because I'm certain that it's unique, you can't find this on any other parts of the world! Indonesia was occupied by the Dutch colonies for more than three hundred years, and both cultures mixed together and produced a whole new culture. Much like Singapore's Peranakan culture, I guess?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

[OOTD] Denim Day Out

Sunglasses: retro style // Necklace: birthday gift // Denim Overall: a bargain from Hong Kong // Skirt: Forever 21// Arm Candy: a stack of different things // Sandals:  Charles and Keith